Siam Park Tenerife

Siam Park is a water park in Tenerife (southern part), Canary Islands, Spain. It is located on the TF-1 highway in Costa Adeje. All 18.5 hectares of Siam Park, including all rides, park buildings and restaurants, are decorated in a Siamese theme. The park was opened by a princess of Thailand. It belongs to the same owner as Loro Park, which makes it possible to buy double tickets that allow you to visit both parks at a discount.

Construction of Siam Park

Construction of Siam Park began in 2004 and cost 52 million euros. Originally it was planned to open in May 2007, but due to construction problems the park was not opened to the public until September 17, 2008. Initially the construction plan also included a roller coaster, but in order to speed up the opening date it was decided to abandon it.

The park is built on a hill. To save the island's water, Siam Park has desalination plants on site that desalinate 700 cubic meters of seawater per day. After the water is used in the rides, the park uses it to water the plants.

siam park elephant


  • Mai Thai River. The park has its own "slow river," the largest in the world by volume of water among similar ones. It's about a kilometer long. You have to go here to take a break from the extreme and just swim with the current. Bagels are single or double. The river goes through a shark tunnel (the same one where they fly in from the Tower of Power) — they will be right overhead.
  • The Tower of Power is a giant tower, at the top of which we begin our descent, which lasts only 6-7 seconds. As we descend, we fly through a huge aquarium and fall into a small, shallow pool.
  • Singha — the newest thing in Siam Park! More than just a water slide: the Singha is a water coaster with high-speed turns and 14 directional changes that guarantee a real injection of adrenaline and fun. 6 metres per second of ascent and 18 metres per second of descent. This speed has never been seen before in any water park!
  • Dragon — pontoon ride (4 people) in a huge closed tube.
  • Siam Beach & Wave Palace. You can relax at the open-air pool, which is adjacent to the large beach with yellow sand. This pool has brought a world record to the park: the highest artificial wave — about 3 meters — is set there. In the evenings, after the rides close, surfers train here.

wave palace siam park

  • Mekong Rapids — a huge semi-open channel for rafting with a large pontoon (up to 4 people).
  • The Giant - two symmetrical slides (a closed chute) designed to be descended in a single or double pontoon.
  • The Volcano — attraction, similar to the Dragon, only it is shorter, and inside due to the light effects, simulates a volcanic eruption.
  • Patong Rapids — the route includes stretches of total darkness, as well as open areas that will give you a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean and Tenerife's beautiful coastline. Plus, you have the unique opportunity to see the expressions of your friends while enjoying the speed and adrenaline rush.
  • Jungle Snake — a system of four intertwining semi-underground slides, winding through a tropical jungle
  • Naga Racer — six parallel running tracks, which are overcome on specially designed foam mats
  • Lost City — a whole complex of slides with a mesmerizing monkey head on top that periodically overflows and pours water down. Lost City is said to include 120 games for children.

lost city siam park

  • Kinnaree — a slide for those in need of adrenaline
  • Sawasdee - the newest part of the park designed for kids.


In addition to the water attractions, the organizers have made several bars and restaurants available to their customers:

  • The Tea House — a small bar, located among the Mercado Flotante overlooking the seal enclosure, which serves coffee, tea and sandwiches.
  • Thai House E — a restaurant that offers both oriental and traditional cuisine.
  • Thai Bar — the ideal place to relax and unwind.
  • Beach Club — buffet restaurant located on the beach.
  • Beach Bar — a unique spot with a view of the ocean, the neighbouring island of La Gomera and the Palacio de Olas (a castle that forms 3-metre-high waves).
  • Siam Park (VIP) — several wooden bungalows in the dense jungle overlooking the swimming pool and the beach.

Souvenir stores

  • Mercado Flotante — a network of several souvenir stores built on the model of a Thai village. Set on stilts sticking out of the water, they contain souvenirs from Siam Park, small markets and ice cream parlours.


How to get to Siam Park